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PlayThinks is a sensory learning center with an innovative educational design that has created an inclusive learning model, enabling people of all ages and abilities to improve their quality of life.  

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PlayThinks is an innovative sensory learning center designed to support learners of all ages and abilities as they make meaning and construct knowledge through exploration and interaction with real tools, intriguing phenomena, materials, and spaces. 


Our interactive space is open year-round to the community. We help our guests to become active explorers by taking them to the next level in their imagination and thinking process. In addition, we house a full-time alternative to school, tutoring and therapies, clubs, professional development and so much more. 


Using the teachings of Professor Reuven Feuerstein, we provide opportunities for our clients to engage in enriching play which facilitates a truly one of a kind learning experience.



Using Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment tools, we work with individuals of any age to enrich their lives.



Part-Day and Full-Day Limudei Kodesh or Limudei Chol in 1:1 or group setting



Enjoy our space with your family, or let our talented staff take care of your kids!


for Adults

Using Feuerstein Tools, unlock your potential, improve relationships, and develop an understanding of yourself

Play Thinks Mission

Play thinks is dedicated to serving learners of all ages and abilities in our community. We provide part-day and full-day, educational support for children who don't succeed in the traditional classroom setting. Every local school relies on us to improve the outcome of these students who continually fall through the cracks and it is our mission to make sure every one of those students are identified and supported.

Play Thinks remains vitally relevant to families we serve with service plans tailored to each student's individual need. this personalized attention requires specialized training and attention. We want to continue our work and growth in the Rogers Park Community with plans to: 

Get Involved

  • Expand our alternative schooling model and family play space. 

  • Break ground towards the process of building a Jewish Children's discovery museum in the heart of Rogers Park.

  • Be a model of inclusion to people of all ages and levels of ability.

  • Foster empathy and critical thinking skills. 

  • Provide cross-generational, interactive opportunities. 

Everything We Offer

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