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Our Doors Are Open

At PlayThinks, we believe that every child is a universe of potential waiting to be explored. Our drop-in and drop-by sessions are designed to be open doors to discovery, creativity, and joy. Whether your little one is bursting with energy or curious about the world around them, they'll find a home here.

In our welcoming space, children have the freedom to engage in play that sparks their imagination, hones their problem-solving skills, and fosters friendships. Parents, guardians, and caregivers, you're invited too! Join in the fun or take a moment to relax while your child explores our play zones.

Drop-In Sessions

Family Fun Time! Come enjoy our space with your family! We boast a wide variety of entertainment and education offerings for your children to interact with. From our bouncy castle to our well-stocked art room, to our indoor beach, we have something for everyone. Play some basketball, say hello to our animals, or even step into a world of virtual reality we offer you and your family hours of enjoyment.

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  • Each Child is $10, Adults are Free

Drop-Off Sessions



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