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Play Thinks has been serving learners of all ages and abilities in our community for a number of years. We provide part-day and full-day educational support for children who do not succeed in the traditional classroom setting. Every local school relies on us to improve the outcome of these students who otherwise fall through the cracks. Please consider joining the team of supporters partnering with our educators in the process of unlocking our learners' true potential. 

How Your Support Helps


Who We Are

Who We Are

The children we serve have a hard time succeeding in traditional school settings. We are relied on by schools in the community to help improve the outcome of these students. We have a professional staff trained to offer one on one and small group instruction through our Mediated Learning Experience


What We Do

What We Do

PlayThinks is a sensory learning center with an innovative educational design that has created an inclusive learning model, enabling people of all ages and abilities to improve their quality of life. We create personalized service plans catered to each student's individual needs to ensure they reach their true potential.

Public Park

Our Vision

Our Vision

We have been serving and investing in the West Rogers Park community for the past six years and have plans of expanding our footprint in the community. While we are an alternative to school and will remain that safety net in the community, we believe the community would greatly benefit from other resources.

Ways To Give or Get Involved


Monetary Gifts

Monetary Gifts

The greatest barrier our students' families confront is the high cost of tuition. During the last couple years, we have prioritized our tuition reduction effort. This allows us to be more accessible and offer more services to the families we serve. Support our growth and be a part of the impact we are making in the community.


In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations

Contribute to the PlayThinks mission of creating a fun and safe learning environment for all learners regardless of age or ability. Outside of monetary gifts, we accept in-kind donations of board games, play equipment, educational materials, art supplies, etc.


Volunteer w/ PlayThinks

Volunteer with PlayThinks

Do you have a special skill or craft you can share with our staff and learners? Time is our most valuable resource. PlayThinks is looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their time to teach life skills to our staff and learners.  

Thank you for your Consideration!

Meet our Sponsors

Walder Foundation

The Walder Foundation champions Chicago and invests in science innovation, environmental sustainability, the performing arts, migration and immigrant communities, and Jewish life to uplift local communities and elevate our region's contributions to the world. 

Learn more about The Walder Foundation on their website

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