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PlayThinks is a sensory learning center with an innovative educational design that has created an inclusive learning model, enabling people of all ages and abilities to improve their quality of life.  

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Children love to play, and when they play they become open to learning. If that learning can be made fun, children will love to learn. That is the methodology in which PlayThinks was founded, encouraging learning through play.


Our space is designed to lower children's guards through the use of games, toys, and other novelties and prepare them to learn when in other situations they would refuse to do so.  What we found is when the children grow through this model they are encouraged to become leaders and encourage others to learn as well!

Using the teachings of Professor Rueven Feuerstein, we provide opportunities for our clients to engage in enriching play which facilitates a truly one of a kind learning experience.


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Using FIE, we work with individuals of any age to enrich their lives.


Enjoy our space with your family, or let our talented staff take care of your kids!

Educational Support

A tuition based offering. Have your children learn with our teachers in an intimate setting.

Programs for Adults

We offer a variety of programming for adults seeking improvement in many aspects of their lives.