Full Day Academic Support

PlayThinks is proud to offer

For homeschooled children, or those who don't thrive in the traditional school environment, we offer a full day educational program. Our students enjoy a full sweet of educational services including Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, with plenty of opportunities to work one on one with our teaching staff.

Our students make tremendous strides in their

studies as well as their social emotional needs that other institutions might otherwise overlook. We work with children of all ages in order to ensure their individual needs are met. PlayThinks is not a school

nor does it claim to be, we offer homeschool educational services.


Registration Information

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PlayThinks has rolling enrollment windows. Check the dates below to ensure that your child is enrolled in our program at a specific date!

Fall Registration Date

Register by 8/1/2021

Winter Registration Date

Register by 10/1/2021

Spring Registration Date

Register by 12/1/2021

With the Registry Form there is a $50 application fee. We will determine funding and scholarships for children at least two weeks before homeschooling support begins.

Tuition and Fees
Documentation and Confirmation

Shortly after accepting your student to PlayThinks Educational Services we will send additional out additional medical forms and waivers. Make sure to submit these before your student begins classes!