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Who Are We


Who We Are

PlayThinks is an innovative sensory learning center designed to support learners of all ages and abilities as they make meaning and construct knowledge through exploration and interaction with real tools, intriguing phenomena, materials, and spaces. 


Our interactive space is open year-round to the community. We help our guests to become active explorers by taking them to the next level in their imagination and thinking process. In addition, we house a full-time alternative to school with Limudei Kodesh and Limudei chol, supplemental educational help for homeschooled students, tutoring and therapies, clubs, professional development and so much more. 


Using the teachings of Professor Reuven Feuerstein, we provide opportunities for our clients to engage in enriching play which facilitates a truly one of a kind learning experience.

Help Support Us

Play Thinks has been serving learners of all ages and abilities in our community for a number of years. We provide part-day and full-day educational support for children who do not succeed in the traditional classroom setting. Every local school relies on us to improve the outcome of these students who otherwise fall through the cracks. Please consider joining the team of supporters partnering with our educators in the process of unlocking our learners' true potential.

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Play Thinks is a beneficiary of Hidden Gems and the Walder Foundation
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